Full-service, integrated direct marketing that will optimize your internet efforts, your direct mail, and your telemarketing efforts.

RPM2 develops Direct Marketing programs and provides campaign management services, either as full-service functions or a la carte.  We specialize in the integration and optimization of email, direct mail, and telemarketing programs for both prospects and customers.

OK, let's pause for a second because right now you may be thinking, "What's new?  Everybody else does this too!" 

If you did, you have an excellent point.  So, how about this? Apart from talking about our superior service levels and rather than giving you a same-sounding list of "things we do", we'll talk about our approach.  After all, it's the "things we believe" that makes big differences for our clients:

Customer Relationship Marketing and ManagementAnd we couldn't be more serious when we say it.  We often wonder about the experts who come up with industry concepts like "Customer Relationship Management". 

Think about it for a moment.  You're somebody's customer, aren't you?   So do YOU like to be "managed"?

Probably not.

If true, we have to ask ourselves the obvious question ... "Then why do these experts tell so many businesses to think in such terms about THEIR consumers?"

At RPM2, we don't.  Further, we work hard to keep our clients from thinking about "managing" their consumers as well.  And as we're successful, it provides our clients with an important competitive advantage.

Customer Relationship Marketing and Management"Managing" is for "things" like budgets and production.  And these things are of critical importance.  But they're the means to a goal and that goal is building relationships.

Relationships are about people ... your prospects and your customers.  They're either loving you or they're leaving you.  And just as is true with all significant relationships, the difference between the two is you! 

You make the difference through Marketing.  It's about what you say, what you do, and when you do it.  It's how you love your customers and receive their love in return.  It's how you initiate and develop meaningful, mutually profitable relationships with them. 

So it takes the harmony of "Marketing to People" and the "Management of Things" to make it work.  We call it CRM2 or "Consumer Relationship Marketing and Management".2

CRM2 is part of every RPM2 Total Relationship Solution.

We have three things to confess.  We're going to be up front and tell you about them.  And then we're going to tell you why you should care.  So here goes:

  We hate email.
  We hate direct mail.
  We hate telemarketing.

At first glance, these statements might sound crass or ridiculous coming from a company that wants to provide Direct Marketing Services to you.  But we really do feel this way.  And we think you should feel it's important as well.

It's because we believe we shouldn't always think like a company.  Instead, when it comes to your prospects and customers, we think like they do. 

Let's be real.  The terms "spam" and "junk mail" didn't originate without cause.  We're all aware that entire industries and regulations have sprung up because of these two terms.  Further, by definition, there's a whole lot of it out there ... actually, most of it! ... from reputable companies!

Even so, as consumers, we all find something appealing in our inboxes and mailboxes from time to time.  And when this happens, "spam" or "junk mail" never enters our minds.  Rather, we think "This is perfect!" or "This is just what I need!".

This is the kind of excitement RPM2 creates.

Since we take the consumer's view with our Direct Marketing Services, if your email, direct mail, and telemarketing passes our consumer sniff tests, you can be 100% assured that you're going to be in much better shape.

But that's still not good enough for us.  After all, your Direct Marketing efforts will only be as good as its weakest link.  So we look at your related Marketing processes in their entirety.  Our goal is to create real value and relationships with your consumers and to ensure all works smoothly for you, your prospects, and your customers.

Send us your control campaign.  We'll give it a thorough evaluation and will give you our recommendations.  At no cost or obligation.

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