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Predictive Modeling Training ClassCOURSE OVERVIEW
"Data Mining" and "Predictive Modeling" are intertwined buzzwords we're hearing with greater frequency these days.  While we may be sure of their strategic importance, perhaps we may not be quite sure how they differ or exactly what they mean.  Without a doubt, these are very important questions to answer.  But the most vital question for an organization to answer is, "How do we make them meaningful?"

This Professional Training Course Addresses All Of These Questions In Detail.

Though frequently thought of in terms of algorithms or software packages, successful Data Mining and Predictive Modeling efforts are far more encompassing.  These are disciplined processes requiring knowledge, skills and the orchestration of critical steps.  To the extent that an enterprise understands and masters the complete scope of the associated processes, that enterprise will significantly grow levels of profitability.  Conversely, a lack of understanding or poor implementation can create disastrous effects.

"The Essentials" unveils the mystery often associated with these important business functions and replaces them with a foundation for mastery.  This course defines the "how-to's" and "why’s" of each of its elements and it does so in an objective, meaningful manner that's easy to understand.  Equally important, data mining training will help you identify and eliminate damaging process pitfalls and weak links.  And it gives you all of this information within a repeatable, methodical framework that you can turn into profitable actions upon completion of the course.

Your Satisfaction With "The Essentials" Is 100% Guaranteed.

What you will minimally learn from this course:

What Data Mining and Predictive Modeling are, how they’re different, and how they interconnect
Best Practices involved with the Data Mining and Predictive Modeling processes
How to develop a predictive analytic model (includes an in-class workshop)
Important data mining techniques used to mine for actionable patterns in your data
Various predictive modeling algorithms and how to prescribe their application
Key sources and types of data, why they’re important, and how to leverage them
Techniques to prepare and transform your data for greater impact
Red flag problems you will encounter and how to deal with them
How to financially evaluate, test, implement and monitor performance

A detailed course manual, complete with references, is included as part of the curriculum.     

In addition, we want you to receive the maximum benefit from this course and we recognize there will be questions resulting from what you’ve learned.  Therefore, every organization attending this course will also receive up to two hours of free phone follow-up consultation and advisory as part of our service to you.

Anybody who has an interest or is associated with the field.  Those who would especially benefit from data mining training and predictive modeling training include:

MARKETING EXECUTIVES AND PRODUCT MANAGERS: Anyone responsible for product marketing and direct sales
    channels, including Internet Marketing, Direct Mail, and Telemarketing professionals
QUANTITATIVE EXPERTS, RESEARCHERS AND ANALYSTS: Statisticians, Modelers, Business Intelligence Analysts,
    Financial Analysts, Actuaries, Marketing Research Executives
IT EXECUTIVES AND MANAGERS: CIO’s, CTO’s, Decision Support Associates, Systems Analysts, Systems
    Developers, Project Leaders, DBA’s, Database Programmers
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGENCIES: Consultants, Account Executives, List Managers, List Brokers, Internet
    Marketing Agency Executives, Direct Marketing Agency Executives, Database Marketing Executives, Business
    Development Executives



 Data Mining and Predictive Modeling Defined
 The Process (Best Practice)
 The Ontology (Nature) of Data and Why It’s Important
    Types of Data
    Data Levels
    Internal Data
    External Sources

 The Critical Role of Data Preparation
    Data Hygiene
    Matching and Consolidation
    Training and Testing Data



 Regression Analysis and Modeling
    Multiple Regression
    Logistic Regression

 Evaluating Model Effectiveness
    Modeling Red Flags
    Dashboard Statistics
    Gains Charts
    Model Testing

 Implementing Models (Best Practice)

 Ongoing Model Tracking (Best Practice)



 Data Mining and Exploratory Analytics
    Essential Statistics and Visualization
    Drill Down Methodologies
       Contingency Tables
       Classification Trees

 Data Transformations for Greater Accuracy
 How to Deal Missing Values in Data
 How to Identify and Treat Outliers in Your Data

 Artificial Neural Networks (ANN’s)
    What they are
    How they work



 Team Model Building Workshop
    Exploratory Evaluation
    Model Specification
    Model Evaluation

 Other Important Modeling Techniques
    Factor Analysis
    Cluster Analysis
    Discriminant Analysis
    Multinomial Methods

 Important Trends on the Forefront of Data Mining
    and Predictive Modeling

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