Your data mining, database, and direct marketing team consists of only the best in the industry.  All are seasoned professionals who have a wealth of successful, practical experience.

When help is needed, most lists include two requirements:
I need it to work !
And I need it now !

You've likely been there.  More than once.  Right?

Unfortunately, for a lot of reasons, we all know it's almost always easier said than done:

Ongoing operations keep you from taking the next step.
Or you need fresh, breakthrough approaches.
You may lack the bandwidth to meet your needs.
You may not have the required expertise.
Budget constraints prohibit additional headcount.
Your needs may be temporary.

Of course, this is just a partial list and more could be added.  But you know what we mean.

Have you seen the cartoon of a sign that says, "What do you want?"  Underneath the sign, you're presented with three choices: "Good, Fast, and Cheap".  The cartoon caption says, "Pick any two". 

The cartoon's humorous because it rings true.  But why should you be limited to having only two of these qualities?

The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door."

And sure enough, someone did.  In fact, the businesses that survive and prosper are usually adept at building better metaphorical mousetraps.  Most often, they don't do it alone.  Most often, they're smart enough to know when to get the help they need.

That's where RPM2 comes in.  We're not in the mousetrap business, we're in the "better" business.  We don't limit you.  We focus on bringing you all three qualities.

A novel idea, eh?  (Fortunately for us, the competition has a hard time grasping the concept.)

For you, our 30 years of experience translates to greater bottom line dollars and "sense".  We're methodical, measurable, and accountable in our approach.  We know how to analyze and bring practical creativity to your solutions when needed.

In our delivery, we've extended the fishing proverb.  We can help you learn to fish through professional training.  Or we can help you find fish by way of applied analytics and modeling.  We can help you lure in the fish via impactful marketing development or we can deliver all three.

Our organization is modern.  By design, it's  networked and it's facile.  Because of that, we can more rapidly apply the resources you need to accomplish your objectives.

Experience counts here as well.  We know marketing and analytics.  So we think holistically and are able to think of powerful top-spin nuances and how it all needs to be orchestrated to more quickly get you to your goals.

Some get a little uncomfortable when we say this.  However, you read it right.  We're cheap.  But not in a quality sense.  Our product is value.  We create it for you and for your customers - more than what is required.  When it comes to your success, we don't mind holding the short end of the stick. 

We invest in and capitalize on the best technologies.  We only deploy human resources when they're needed.  And we maintain low operating overhead.  This gives us an edge ... an ability to deliver superior quality at lower costs.

IF YOU HAVE A NEED, CALL US!   You can't lose.  Some may want to pay for expensive high-rise corporate offices dripping with Monet's and we'll be happy to supply lots of references.  But if you're looking for the greatest ROI's and cost-effectiveness, your returns can begin with your call.

... How we shattered a large company's engrained beliefs by developing custom "cluster" models that revealed they were using their marketing dollars to chase after their least profitable customers.  (Guess what happened!)

... How we build powerfully profitable and stable targeting models that once dethroned a competitive industry leader.

... How we identified a well-known giant's online and offline customers through the marriage of consumer research and "discriminant" models.  How we turned this into four simple questions to qualify web site visitors. And how we extended this the benefit of this intelligence to identify and prequalify a million more offline prospects by name.

... How we were able to target another leader's best customers, developed a powerful marketing program just for them, got the customers to pay for their own marketing costs (at a healthy profit), and they thanked the company by giving them an additional 33% increase in their sales.

... How we created and packaged modeling and multi-channel marketing programs to directly help another business grow its customer base by 1,300% in one year.

... How we created an innovation that leveraged multiple marketing channels and target marketing to generate $90M (that's MILLION) dollars for a company in only nine months.

Some of the great brands we've had an opportunity to serve:
RPM² Retail Companies