Use this form to reserve a class spot in Predictive Modeling Training and Data Mining Courses offered by Rapid Progress Marketing and Modeling.


THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY!  We think you've made an excellent choice and will benefit a lot from attending one of our state-of-the-art training courses.  But if there are any doubts, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

ONLINE RESERVATIONS ARE BEST SUITED for those who want to attend a course several months out but may not have their timing finalized.  If you know you want to attend a class, instead of making a reservation, it's best that you click here and register online to secure your class position.  Or you can download, complete, and overnight or mail your registration.

THE ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE RESERVATIONS mean we will know about your desire to attend a course, we'll reserve a spot for you, and you can delay payment for as long as 90 days while you're firming up things.  Once we have your reservation, we'll get in touch when we see your class filling up (understandably, we give priority to paying attendees).  And, after payment is made, if you need to, you'll be able to cancel at any time up to two weeks prior to the course start date.  (See Terms and Conditions.)

MAKING A RESERVATION is as simple as completing this form.  After your reservation has been made, we will either email or mail an invoice, based on your chosen preference.  The invoice will be payable in 90 days or payable based on the dates of the course "Price Option" you select below (whichever comes first).  As examples:

  If you make a reservation for a course that is four or more months out, your invoice will be payable in 90 days.
  If you choose an "Early Payment Discount" for a course two months away, your invoice will be payable in one month.
  If you choose a "Regular Price" course that is two months away, your invoice will be payable in six weeks.

QUESTIONS?  Please call us, toll free at 866.267.5369 or at 727.528.8578