RPM2's service offerings are comprehensive, experienced, and integrated. Our senior team of professionals are ready to help in every aspect from data mining to predictive modeling, program development to campaign management, training to planning.


Whether you need to grow customer profits or acquire new customers, with RPM2 you get the best industry talent along with the best data, tools, and techniques. But most important, you gain the expertise of business professionals who execute every project as a bottom line, objective-driven mission.

RPM2 offers the complete spectrum of quantitative services, including data mining, predictive modeling, segmentation, and text mining.

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We provide turnkey email and direct marketing data services ... from lists and data to data hygiene to GIS services and campaign analytics.

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Whether you're in leadership or are an associate, our experts can advise and help you learn practical, real world mining and modeling techniques.

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When reading about our industry, you've undoubtedly come across a number of competing and perhaps confusing terms for what we do. This phenomenon occurs for a number of reasons but they can all be distilled down to two terms ... Data Mining and Predictive Analytics:

Data Mining is the technologically and algorithmically-assisted discovery of previously unknown and useful data patterns within large sources of data.

Predictive Analytics is the algorithmically-defined and technologically-assisted projection of these patterns onto other data for predictive applications.

Stated simply, in addition to more traditional business analytics, we are experts at finding important patterns in your data that we use to develop computer models that will save you money, develop relationships, and grow your profits.  Our Predictive Analytics services expertise extends throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from new customer prospecting, lead generation, and acquisition to revenue cultivation of current customers.


At RPM2, we've leveraged 30+ years of expertise in business, marketing, technology, and Predictive Analytics to develop THE most cutting-edge solution for lead generation and customer prospecting that can be found in industry today.  Called Rapid Progress Prospectorsm, RP2 lives up to our commitment to providing you with Predictive Analytics services that are better, faster, and cheaper.

In the past, a custom prospecting model required six weeks to develop and implement. Today, with RP2, our Data Scientists can develop and deliver a custom prospect model for you in 1/3 the time, at 1/3 the cost.

What does this mean for you?  If you're already using Predictive Analytics, the lower cost of RP2 will increase the profitability of your marketing campaigns even more, more quickly.  And because RP2 costs two-thirds less, it brings the profit-building power of Predictive Analytics to businesses who previously felt it might be too costly.  But that's not all ...

Imagine having the ability to target your most responsive prospects AND your most likely converters AND those with the most profit potential - IMAGINE GETTING THE COMBINED POWER OF ALL THREE MODELS in the same amount of time, for the same price that a single model previously required ...

This is what Rapid Progress Prospector Delivers!

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But that's still not all.  There's another BIG difference!

To be blunt about it, unlike our competitors, when it comes to data we're not a one-trick pony. When they build prospect models, the competition typically has only one source of "enhancement data" to offer.  RP2 offers you multiple options.

Why is this important for you?

To develop a prospect targeting model, names and addresses must be "enhanced" through the addition of demographics, lifestyle, preference, and other descriptive data. This is the data that RP2 leverages to differentiate your highest from your lowest value  prospects.  Since data sources have different data items, they can vary greatly in terms of predictive power for an application. One source might be ideal for the need, another might not.

Your business is not like other businesses. So the "one size fits all' data strategy that others offer may not be best for you.  What makes greater sense is to match your needs to the data source that best meets your targeting objectives.

RP2 does exactly that.   Before a model is developed, our Data Scientists go through a discovery process to understand your situation so that the right enhancements are prescribed to power your results to even higher levels.

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When it comes to loyalty, customers vote for you with their purchases and their patronage. In that regard, there are three primary dimensions that businesses use to track loyalty, both on an individual and an aggregate basis:

1)  RECENCY:  How currently active are your customers?
2)  FREQUENCY:  How often do they buy from you?
3)  MONETARY VALUE:  How much do they spend?

Since they interact, smart businesses know how small changes in any of these dimensions impact their bottom lines.   Small increases lead to even greater profits and small decreases can result in devastating losses.

But these dimensions are not the same for everyone.  Customers are different and so are their preferences and purchasing patterns. One customer may purchase from you weekly, another monthly, and both may be loyal customers.   Similarly, two customers may appear to be similar but one is giving you all their purchases while the other is giving most of their purchases to your competition.

So how do you understand these different behaviors and move the recency, frequency, and monetary value needles? That's the joint responsibility of marketing and analytics.  Data Mining identifies the patterns, Predictive Analytics identifies the customer targets, and marketing provides the targeted messages and motivation.

At RPM2, we've worked with many businesses in many industries and have successfully helped them grow their profits and customer loyalty.  Because of this experience, we understand marketing and approach modeling from a mutually-beneficial perspective of the customer and the business.

So when it comes to your Data Science, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling needs, RPM2 delivers.  As examples, the following provides some of our most requested Customer Predictive Analytics applications as well as some of the questions they address:


  • CUSTOMER VALUATION:  What is the lifetime value of a customer?  How much should a customer currently be worth?  Can we identify customers who may be giving a larger "share of wallet" to our competition?

  • ACTIVATION MODELING:  Which first time purchasers are and are not likely to purchase from us again?  Which one-time purchasers can we motivate to become loyal customers?  What motivates them?

  • UPSELL and CROSS-SELL MODELING:  How can we grow our average sales?  Who is most likely to upgrade their purchase?  Which add-on sales products appeal to whom?  How do we sell them?

  • NEXT PURCHASE MODELS:  To grow and extend our relationships, which products should we next be offering to each customer?  When should they be offered in order to increase the likelihood of the sale?

  • UPLIFT MODELING:  Which customers will be motivated to give us an additional purchases through sales promotion? Which customers are receiving costly discounts because they would've purchased anyway?  Which customers with expiring contracts should not receive an offer because it would cause them to switch brands?

  • ATTRITION or CHURN MODELING:  Because it's much cheaper to keep them than it is to get them, which customers are we in danger of losing?  BEFORE we lose them?  What would it take to keep them?

  • REACTIVATION MODELS:  Among customers who no longer shop with us, which have the highest propensities of being reactivated and becoming loyal customers once more?


  • CREDIT SCORING MODELS:  Which of our customers are creditworthy? Of those that are creditworthy, how much credit should be extended to them?

  • FRAUD DETECTION:  How do we identify suspicious, anomalous sales patterns in our customer base that could possibly be fraudulent and should be further investigated?


  • CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION:  How many distinctive types of of customers do we have?  How do they differ demographically and behaviorally?  What are their needs?  Should they be marketed to differently?

  • TEXT MINING:  How do we extract meaningful information from unstructured customer contact data to further enhance our knowledgebase?  How can this data add greater value to our predictive analytics efforts?

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Data Science and Predictive Analytics do not live in isolation.  In addition to being vital to other functional areas, ancillary needs exist in every organization involving data.  These needs may be project defining preludes, they may exist in support of a project, or they may be separate project needs requiring data and Analytics.  RPM2 is well-equipped to execute them, providing you with a seamless single-source of accountability and a way to make your job easier.


One of the most underemphasized yet most valuable secrets of highly successful Data Science and Predictive Analytics has to do with the preliminary preparation of data.  Let's be honest ... data prep isn't sexy nor is it as fun as data dashboards and algorithms.  And perhaps that's why many (including our own competitors) totally overlook this vital step.  When they do, that's OK with us because we know the high value of good data preparation. We're in it to win.  Data prep IS our thing!

You wouldn't put dirty gas in your sports car if you're trying to win a competitive race, would you?  That's exactly what some do when they don't have good data preparation as part of their analytics and marketing game plans.  Whether it's dirty fuel or dirty data, the outcome is the same and it will be very costly.

Some of the Ancillary and Address Hygiene Services RPM2 Provides


  • Demographic, Lifestyle, and Cluster* Data
  • Phone Number Appending
  • Email Address Appending

  • Address Correction
  • USPS Address Standardization
  • Zip Code Correction and Appending
  • Change of Address Updates
  • Prison Address Processing
  • Deceased Processing

  • Duplicate Detection/Elimination
  • Householding and Household Data Aggregation

  • We Build Competitive Databases!
  • Address-Level Geocoding
  • Distance to Store Calculations

  • Prospect Email Lists
  • Prospect Email Blasts

  • Append Name and Address
  • Append Phone Numbers
  • Append Demographics, Lifestyle, and Cluster* Data

  • Perform Before You Execute a Campaign
  • Email Change of Address Processing
  • Identify Email Address Syntax Errors
  • Address Validation: Is this a deliverable address?
  • ID Invalid Domains: Does this DNS Exist?
  • Identify Problem Email Addresses: Blacklists, Spam, Role-Based, Screamers, and Litigators
  • Identify Role-Based Addresses

* Available cluster segmentation data includes Personicx®, Prizm®, P$ycle® and Mosaic®


For many organizations, especially those with bricks and mortar operations, geography is one of the most critical factors for the success of each location.  From the customer perspective, the most appealing locations are ones that are most easily accessible.  From your perspective, you want to know where your best customers live so you can appeal to their neighbors whether through direct marketing, cable, or billboard advertising.

What about your competition?  Where are they located relative to your locations and also to your customers?  Where are the geographies that your business competitively owns, where are the battlegrounds, and where are the geographies of greater opportunity?  These are the kind of questions that RPM2's data and Geographic Information Services can help you understand and leverage for your advantage.

Examples of the Many GIS Analytics and Mapping Services RPM2 Provides

Pinpoint consumers at their actual home addresses.  Integrate your stores whether it be a single location or market locations.  Layer in competitors and discover how they impact your sales.  Find and select customers within distance bands around your stores or the competition.  Combine with census population data to reveal high penetration geographies.  Overlay geographic boundaries to select consumers for different marketing treatments based on distance or competitive presence.
Take it to the next level by integrating your sales data with current year census estimates.  Our census data is some of the most comprehensive available with hundreds of items covering ranges of housing, income, age, ethnicities, and more.  Quite often sales data will reveal even more valuable patterns than location data.  Drill down to analyze sales by product categories and identify how consumers with different product preferences are distributed.
Distance from a location is just one way of viewing customers.  Our GIS services can provide even more ways of defining distance.  One of these ways is "drive time" analytics.  Let's face it. Until technology provides us with practical jet packs or personal hovercraft, none of us travel "as the crow flies".  But that's not a problem with RPM2 GIS Services because we also can do "all the above" based on drive time analytics from your locations and competitive locations.

Certainly there's more than be presented here about how we can help and our services.  So we invite you to give us a call.  We're always ready to listen, provide more information, answer your questions, and even offer some free advice.  Give us a call at (866) 267-5639.  You'll get to talk to someone who actually knows something and and don't forget ... at RPM2, you'll never receive a high pressure sales pitch!